Check Out is 10.00am on the day of departure.

A $30.00 penalty fee, per hour, will be charged for late check-outs unless prior arrangements have been organised with a consultant.

Early Check In's / Late Check Out's are not available during peak periods or for back to back bookings and are only authorised at managements discretion.


The property is to be left in a clean and tidy state upon departure.

This is inclusive but not limited to the following; dishes washed or in the dishwasher, all food should be removed from refrigerator(s) and cupboards. Bathroom linen should be left in wet areas i.e; the bathroom / laundry. The property is to be left secured with all windows and doors closed, lights off, heating and air conditioning off.

Additional Cleaning Expenses (property left outside an acceptable state) -

A cleaning charge of $75.00 per hour will be incurred if the property is not left in a clean and tidy state upon departure. This $75.00 per hour (per cleaner) cleaning charge will also be applicable in the case that the property has taken outside the normal allocated cleaning time. If the BBQ is left unclean, this will incur a $30.00 cleaning fee.

Any nauseous cleaning will incur an additional charge at the discretion of Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation management.


Keys (and remote controls if applicable) are to be collected from the instructed location as per your pre-arrival email. This will be sent to the booking guest(s) email approximately 3 days prior to your arrival date. This will inform you of further check in details relevant to the property in which you have booked.

All guests are responsible for the safekeeping of holiday accommodation keys / remotes. A call out fee of $75.00 will be applicable if a replacement key is required.

If keys / remotes to holiday accommodation are lost or damaged by the occupants, you as the occupant are responsible for the cost of full replacement set of keys and garage remotes and any / all additional locksmith fees.


Immediate termination may apply in the event of unnecessary or excessive noise, nuisance or disturbance caused to neighbouring properties during your occupancy.

We cannot and will not intervene should a neighbouring property ring and report noise / nuisance to Victoria Police.


Termination of any and all booking(s) may occur if a booking exceeds the number of guest(s) in which the property may sleep.

Additional caravans, motor vehicles, motorcycles and the erection of tents are strictly prohibited without exception.

In the instance of any additional sleeping arrangements made by the booking guest, you will be charged $20.00 per additional person will apply and excess cleaning fees may apply.


Either of the following may apply dependent on the arrangement made directly through an accommodation consultant, or as listed on our website...

- Pets are permitted at the property should there be prior arrangement made with the accommodation consultant or should you book a property that is listed as pet friendly. Should you bring your pet the following conditions must be adhered to: pets are not allowed on furniture, pets are not allowed in bedrooms, pet droppings must be picked up before you depart the premises, every effort to remove pet hair should be made or the above mentioned cleaning fees may be applied. Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation will not, and does not accept any responsibility / liability for the welfare and care of your pets during occupying our holiday accommodation.


- Pets are not permitted at the property under any circumstances


Please remember to take all personal belongings with you upon departure. No responsibility will be accepted by Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation for any personal possessions left after departure. Any items left behind that need to be returned to you will be sent C.O.D. (cash on delivery). We agree to hold item(s) for a period of 1 month(s), after such time the item(s) will be donated / gifted to the local op-shop.


In peak season, if you wish to rebook the property for the same dates next year you must do this when vacating the property. A deposit of 30% inclusive to our non-negotiable $30.00 booking fee is required to be paid at time of booking to secure these dates. Please note that owners reserve the right to cancel these bookings and guest(s) do book with this in mind.  

If you choose not to rebook at the time of your departure the property will then be offered as available for others to book, we will not automatically re-book any guest into a property. Properties are open / bookable from 344 or less from the departure date.


Rubbish bins are to be placed out each Sunday evening.

There are 3 bins:

  • RED BIN is for the general waste
  • YELLOW BIN is for recycling
  • GREEN BIN is for garden waste

Please use these provided bins appropriately indicated by colour above. Failure to use these as indicated will result in a $60.00 rubbish collection charge.


Booking guest(s) are responsible for any and all damages, breakages and losses incurred during the term of your occupancy. All damages, breakages and losses must be replaced, paid for or made good to the satisfaction of the owner / agent. This includes replacing / recutting lost keys.

Hearn’s Port Fairy Accommodation reserves the right to charge the booking guest(s) credit card to recover reasonable costs to damage of the property and/or its furnishings during your stay based on a bond in lieu.


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